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how to stand out on social media with so much competition

I probably don’t have to tell you how important social media is in 2020, right?

Every single entrepreneur, brand, or corporate business has to be on social networks. Otherwise, they are missing out on reaching their target audience. Also, we are tired of seeing ads everywhere, our brain learned how to block them, so investing in traditional advertising is becoming a more significant waste of money every day.

Social media, on the other hand, is a goldmine.

Facebook has over 2 billion active monthly users, and Instagram recently hit 1 billion active monthly users, and those numbers are still growing. Can you imagine how easy it is to reach your ideal audience if you market yourself on social?

Not only is it easier for you to reach your ideal/target audience, but people are also reacting to brands on social very well. For example, even 80% of people follow brands on Instagram, so if you are not using it yet, you will, once you hear that even 93% of people use Pinterest to plan purchases. Social media marketing is a genuinely potent tool.

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While social networks are amazing and a must to be present at, there is one issue for us, online entrepreneurs. Because all of us know the importance of social media, we are all there, hustling and building our tribes. That is where we run into the problem. How do I stand out when there is so much competition? There is so much to choose from for our ideal audiences.

So, let’s discuss how you can stand out online with your personal brand.

I have three strategies that you can use to make sure you shine in the sea of online entrepreneurs and being found by your ideal audience. If you are struggling with standing out, you can quickly change that by implementing these strategies.

Let’s dive in.

1. Finding that one thing that makes you unique.

Before you start thinking, ‘How the hell does finding something that makes me unique is going to help me stand out in a crowd?’ and clicking off the page, hear me out.

If you want to stand out with your personal brand on social media, you should find out what is your signature service/product. Find something that you want to be known for in your niche/industry. And then, market the hell out of it.

Sounds simple, right?

The thing is that your ideal audience has a problem that they need to solve, and they are looking for someone who can help them solve it. And they will be searching for the expert, someone who has a unique and efficient solution.

You might be thinking that this tip is the ‘niche down’ advice everyone is giving you, but not quite. You don’t have to niche down to find something you are good at and promote it. Let’s have a look at an example.

Carly from Mommy on Purpose is very well known for her life-changing Pinterest strategy ebook. However, while she is known for her killer Pinterest strategy ebook, her blog niche is pretty broad. Carly blogs about being a mom, how to start a blog, and how to make money online. But she has a signature product, her Pinterest Strategy ebook, and she is known for that. She could have niched down to being a digital marketing blogger, maybe even more so, being a social media marketing blogger, but she didn’t have to.

There can be a hundred bloggers in the same industry (let’s take blogging niche), and all of them can stand out and run successful businesses.

While those bloggers are in the same niche, they each have something different to offer to their audience. One is going to be explicitly known for teaching how to build a community in a certain way; the other is going to be an Instagram guru, who has a tactic that would appeal to certain people.

Do you see what I am talking about?

Find what makes you unique and market the hell out of it on social media. Share tips on Instagram or Facebook groups, show your audience that you know your stuff, and have a different way of doing them, your way. You will see that people will start responding more to you and your business because they will want to know your method and secrets.

2. Give your brand a face and personality

Another strategy you can implement to shine in the sea of other online entrepreneurs is to show off your personality AND your face.

In the era of the newest technology, people are interested in seeing real faces, personalities, and stories. Showing your face and sharing bits and pieces of your personality with your audience will help you gain trust faster and stand out in the crowd.

Let me explain why.

Do you know how many adverts do we see every day? Around 7000, ads are in our faces every day. Take a minute to process that number.


That is a crazy amount of information getting to our brains every day, and that is not counting everything else our brain needs to process like work tasks or even just getting yourself to work. People are tired of seeing corporate ads being shoved to their faces, and they don’t trust those faceless brands.

We, as online entrepreneurs, have the power to use our personalities and faces to gain the trust of our ideal audience and prove to them that we can help them solve their issues. That is a lot of power.

So, if you are hiding behind your brand’s logo and are trying to craft perfect robot-sounding content, STOP.

Take a step back and think, what part of your personality you could incorporate in your business? Are your business values aligned with your personal ones? Do you have a badass ‘About page’ where you show off why you are amazing and why people should invest their time and money into your business? Does your ‘About page’ has a section where you share fun facts about you? (Mine does, check it out! (6)) Do you let your audience know what is your passionate about besides your business?

I hope you at least have a decent photo on your ‘About page’.

So, to stand out on social media with our personalities, we should start with our businesses first. After you gave a little bit of life to your brand, get to your Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, LinkedIn, and every other social profile and change your logo to YOUR photo, where people can see YOUR face.

Now, let’s get to your bio. Let’s keep it short and sweet. It is crucial that you let people know what you do and who you are in a few short sentences.

Also, let me show you some examples of VERY successful online entrepreneurs and how they incorporate their faces and personalities to their brands to make them stand out.

Jenna Kutcher is probably the best example of how to stand out on social media with your personality and a face. Her Instagram is my favorite profile EVER as she not only shares meaningful captions where you can feel her character but also photos of herself and her life. Jenna lets her audience have a peak in her life and into her mind.

Jenna is very positive and friendly, and it reflects perfectly on her social media, her Instagram profile has bright pictures of her with meaningful captions that speak to her audience. She stands out not only with beautiful branding, but her character and the way she talks to her audience.

Another great example is Pat Flynn from Smart Passive Income. He has a quirky and fun personality, and every time someone mentions Smart Passive Income, his face appears in my mind.

And that is because he also is not shy to show off his face and his personality. On his Instagram, he shares a more personal side, where he posts about his leisure and family. On youtube, you can see his funny and quirky side shine. He is a relatable family man, and people are trusting him because he reminds them of their neighbors.

You see, by showing more of your personality and behind the scenes of your brand, there is a way better chance of standing out in the crowd.

3. Don’t try becoming everyone’s BFF.

Last, but not the least of my tips today is don’t try to be everyone’s best friend. It applies when we are talking about other online entrepreneurs as well as your audience.

When it comes to social media marketing, you have to be very precise with your plan and what are you putting out there. It is very easy to get burnt out, as being active on social can be very draining. You need to have a clear focus on who are you serving, and why you are doing what you are doing.

So, by trying to serve EVERYONE and be likable by everyone, three things are going to happen to you:

1. You won’t be a social media stand out AT ALL.
2. It will be harder for you to establish yourself in your industry.
3. You will get burnout.

It is not looking good, right?

By trying to be friends with everyone, you are neglecting your ideal audience and forgetting that they are your bread and butter.

If you want to be noticed on social media, you always have to think about your ideal customer and post something that they would find useful. You will see that the right people will find you very fast, once you stop being BFF with everyone.

So, let’s recap:

To stand out on social media as an online entrepreneur, you MUST:

1. Find one service/offer/product that is your golden nugget and market it on social media as if your life depends on it.

2. Step out of your comfort zone and show your face to your audience. Let your audience see you and become invested in you. Let them know what your favorite dog breed, movie, or candle scent is.

3. Stop trying to be everyone’s best friend. Serve to your audience, talk to them, and always have them in mind when posting.

Now, I know changes can be scary, and even showing yourself and your personality online can be fierce. That is why I have a small action plan for you, that will help you elevate your business and your social media:

1. Start by sharing little of personal things. If you feel shy, start with baby steps to get comfortable. Allow people to fall in love with your personality and your brand.
2. Reevaluate your core offer. Are you standing out with your specialty and expertise?
3. Start focusing on people who are interested in you, not everyone on social media.

I hope these tips help you elevate your business and shine brightly on social media, even with so much competition. You can find more information on business and social media here.

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