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how to create amazing instagram stories that captivate

Since Instagram introduced its amazing Instagram stories feature, it became a significant part of the user’s lives. Over 500 million people are using this feature daily, and the brands have been uploading on Instagram stories twice as often as on Snapchat. 

I’ve already raved about this feature on a blog post where I was talking about why Instagram is the best social media platform. And it’s truly a fantastic feature to add to your marketing strategy. You can achieve a lot by implementing some simple tips.

Also, with the new 2018 algorithm change, Instagram made it a necessity to use the story feature. We know that Instagram’s goal is to keep people on the app for as long as possible, and it favors all accounts that help to achieve this goal. So, the more features you utilize, the more Instagram will support your brand’s account.

Now, there are a few things to keep in mind when creating amazing Instagram stories for your brand:
  1. Always provide value.
  2. Use CTA’s (calls to action).
  3. Don’t forget hashtags.
  4. Always be on-brand.

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Let’s take a look at each point individually:

Always provide value

Your audience and all people, in general, are extremely busy and always in a rush. They don’t have time to watch stories that don’t bring value to their life in some form. Whether it would be educational or entertaining, your stories must be worth people’s time.  

There is no way around it, so you need to be careful when deciding on what to post. Always have your ideal audience in mind and think about what would resonate with them and make their life better in any way. You can’t always push promo stories and expect people to stick around and invest in your brand. 

If you already have some audience, it’s always an excellent way to ask for feedback from them and even ask what would interest them. For example, if you run a haircare brand that offers hair products, ask your audience what hair related questions they have, and do a creative Q&A on your stories where you answer their questions. 

This way, you raise awareness about your brand and your products and provide tons of value to your audience that is interested in haircare.

Always use CTA’s

CTA stands for a call to action in marketing terms, and marketers use them all the time. It’s the only way to politely encourage your audience to take action because sometimes they need that extra push. 

I always add CTA’s at the end of every blog post as it encourages people to leave comments or see another blog post I’ve written. It’s also very easy to incorporate CTA’s when posting to Instagram as a simple ‘double pat if you agree’ or ‘tag three friends who need to hear it’ phrase in your caption. 

Instagram stories have this feature where you can add links to things so that if you’re talking about a product or blog post on your stories, people can quickly swipe up and see it themselves. It saves a lot of time for people, and it helps your brand as well. 

Now, here are a few examples of great CTA’s that you can use in your stories: 
  1. ‘Swipe up to see more!’.
  2. ‘Click on the link in the bio to find out my secret.’

Always put them in your stories when you want people to take action. 

Don’t forget hashtags

I’ve already covered hashtags in my Instagram organization post, so check it out for more information, but I wanted to briefly mention it here as people tend to forget that you can use hashtags in stories as well as posts. 

Using hashtags in stories makes it easier for your brand to be discovered by people on the explore page. Now you have two options when it comes to adding hashtags to your stories – either use hashtag sticker or add hashtag as a text. 

Either way works just fine, but with text hashtags, you might be able to add more in one story where with a sticker, one per story is the best ratio. 

PLANN has an excellent blog post on how to add hidden hashtags to your story, so check it out. It’s useful to know if you want to add more than one hashtag per story or don’t like the look of hashtags in your stories. 

Always be on-brand

I can’t stress this one enough, but having branded Instagram stories should be a priority. You need people to remember you by your visuals so that when they see you on the Explore page, they recognize you. 

The cohesive look makes you a professional, and even tho stories disappear after 24 hours, it’s worth taking time to make sure they’re on-brand. 

Also, when you’re creating branded Instagram stories, people will remember you as a brand that puts much effort and stands out. Use your brand’s tone of voice, colors, and branding details in every story, and you’ll see results.

Now that I’ve covered a few essential things to keep in mind, let’s talk about content for your amazing Instagram stories.

There are many options when it comes to what to share on Instagram stories; honestly, there are no limits; you need a little bit of creativity. However, here are a few ideas that always work very well:

1. Product promo

2. Poll

3. A peek behind the scenes

4. Share testimonials

7. Teaser on upcoming projects/products 

8. Q&A

9. Office tour

10. Share your customers/clients using your product/service

11. Favorites lists

12. Instagram take-over 

As I’ve mentioned many times before, people love real content that they can relate to or content that inspires/motivates them. If you keep that in mind, it will be easy to curate amazing stories. 

Now, let’s talk about how to create mind-blowing stories even if you don’t have a graphic designer and don’t know shit yourself. 

When I first started with social media, I didn’t know anything about design and creating social media templates. I thought that you need a whole design degree to be able to create anything, but I was wrong. It’s not that hard when we have so many amazing apps to help us. 

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Here are a few of the best ones out there, in my opinion, that can help you create banging Instagram stories, no experience necessary:


If you did at least a little bit of research already, you are probably tired of everyone talking about Canva. However, all the rave is true. If you are not good at using Adobe products, then Canva is the best way to create layouts, social posts, and everything you can ever need for your business. Instagram stories ideal dimensions are 1080px wide by 1920px tall. With Canva, you can easily create beautiful stories within a few minutes.


If you prefer working on the go with your phone, the InShot app is perfect for you. With this app, you can quickly take videos, photos, and edit them. Add fonts, different effects, and make collages — everything easily accessible to your phone wherever you are. 


Another app that is perfect to create Instagram stories is Unfold. It has different layouts to try and is easy to use. It has beautiful minimalistic templates and is very elegant. If that is your jam, you have a perfect app on your hands.


This little gem is for all the vintage/retro fans out there (me). This app is designed to create old-school looking videos and photos and has many filters to choose from. So, if you are not a fan of modern-day videos, this app will make you the happiest person in the world (I know I was HAPPY AF when I first discovered it).

As you can see, it’s pretty easy to create mind-blowing Instagram stories if you know a few tips and have the right tools to help you do it. I hope you found it helpful, and don’t forget to check out my other blog posts on Instagram marketing and social media. 

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